If you are a photographer and wish to take pictures on Waters Farm, please contact Pam Farnham at pam@watersfarm.com or 508-735-7146 to to reserve your spot.  Please note that the land across the street is private property and belongs to our neighbors, who donate it to us for parking during Farm Days events.  Pictures are not to be taken on that side of the road.

Also, standing, sitting or climbing on the stonewalls is not permitted.  Over time, this pushes the stones out from the center of the wall and damages them.  Aside from safety concerns, the stonewalls are a big part of our history and we want to preserve them in their natural state for spectators to continue to enjoy.


During most times of the year, leashed, well-behaved dogs are permitted on the farm.  There will be certain times of the year where we can't accommodate dogs - such as private events and during our Donkey Show.  Other times, such as Farm Days, we will have various farm and other animals present, so if your dog isn't well behaved around the other animals or people you will be asked to take your dog off of the premises.  We love dogs just as much as you do, but must maintain some level of rules simply for the safety and comfort of our other attendees, including our furry friends.  Please pick up after your dog.

drugs & ALCOHOL

Alcohol is NOT permitted on Waters Farm at any time.  We have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol on the property.  

Please do not park on either side of Waters Road.  We have plenty of parking by the Darling Barn, behind the red Farm House, and the driveway next to the Farm House.  Parking in the field on the opposite side of the road is only allowed during Farm Days.  This land is private property and donated by our neighbors to use only during this time.  


We are open 7 days a week, from 7:00AM - 6:00PM.  Please only visit Waters Farm during these times, roughly during sunrise and sunset.  

hours of operation