History of Waters Farm

Waters Farm, a hilltop homestead built in 1757 by Stephen Waters, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located in Sutton, Massachusetts overlooking beautiful Lake Manchaug. 

With stunning views of the lake, barns, outbuildings, and pristine farmland, Waters Farm offers visitors a rare glimpse of 19th century New England farm life at its best.

Waters Farm is 120 acres of watershed land given to the Town of Sutton by Dorothea Waters Moran in 1974. Her cousin, Bud Gurney, also of Sutton, was the founder of Waters Farm Preservation Inc. and served as the President until his death in 2007.  

The farmhouse has been open for tours during the summer events.  We have also received donated furniture and household items from Waters family members as well as farm equipment from a local family.  If you haven't been to Waters Farm recently, please be sure to stop by. 

Since Bud's passing, Waters Farm continues to thrive.  We have expanded our event schedule greatly, from suppers to Farm Days and much much more.  We also have an active twelve member board, with many of the members serving in excess of 20 years.  And we are currently in the process of re-locating and raising Nathan's Barn at Waters Farm (originally the Chrobak Barn, located just a few miles away in West Sutton.)

If you'd like to help Waters Farm Preservation continue to grow, check out our Volunteer page for info on how you can be a part of our ever-expanding community.  All are welcome.